Thursday, 13 October 2016

Synonyms happy!!!

WALT:Follow structure of the poem for our own SYNONYMS poem.

Happy Synonyms
I’m talking thrilled !
I’m talking glad!
I’m talking jolly,merry!
I’m talking elated,enchanted!
I’m talking gleeful,joyful!
pleased ,buoyant,ecstatic!
Happy Sun Face Cartoon Free ...


Wednesday, 12 October 2016

My worst day in my holidays!!

WALT:Write a small paragraph .

My worst day!!

The worst day in my holidays was being in hospital because on Saturday it was my nans 70th Birthday .It was very boring in hospital I had nothing to do.

WALT: Re craft our writing

WILF: Hook Show not tell!!

WHY WHY WHY!!! on the last day of school I’m in hospital WHY before  nans 70th birthday I said to my mum she said “it's alright now we no what's wrong with you”  “I really wanted to go to school and nans birthday” I said back. I've been in hospital before isn't that good enough I didn't want to end up back in there again, this is really my WORST DAY EVER!!!!!!!!!