Thursday, 14 April 2016


WALT:Retell a past event.
WILF:Correct sequence of events .  

“No school work today, we’re cooking” Miss Wihongi  replied excitedly.Yes I thought to myself,I love to cook “Oceayarn” Miss called. I sprinted to the back of the class.
I jammed the smooth blue plastic latex gloves on my hands. I snatched a sharp orange potato peeler from the stack of peelers.I held my red juicy apple in the other hand I began to peel .
Yay!! All the red skin is off.I rushed to chop my apple in half then halved it again.I cored it,I began to slice it into thin pieces.
I dumped my load of apple into the huge silver marae style looking pot.It’s ready to stew.Off to the staffroom  we sprinted .
I mix sugar and butter.Then flour it looked like dirty looking breadcrumbs.It was raining breadcrumbs over the stewed mixture .
I shoved the crumble  in the hot firey burning oven.It smelt like buttery popcorn hevan.I peeked into the super hot oven.
The bubbles reminded me of when i was drinking fizzy drinks.It’s ready whanau. Haere mai ki te kai Miss Wihongi shouted.I rushed to snatch a colourful bowl and waited for everyone else.I slowly scooped a big mouthful Yummy I thought,what a choice day.

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