Friday, 20 November 2015

our school performence very shy

 It was a Sunshine Thursday the clouds were shaped like my big heart, the sky was blue as the big blue bright sea and the grass looked like my hair waving around in the air.When I looked out my window I jumped out of my bed.I quickly got dressed I didn’t know what to wear so I where’d normal cloths.I Got my bag I made my bed I rushed  out  of my room my “mum said what’s the rush”I said It’s whole school performance  “she said again o.k be careful.I ran out the door I looked at the trees it was like they were talking to me  they were waving at me and it sounded like they said good luck to day Oceayarn.After etap we practised our song it was called e papa with the sticks .We practised and practised until we got 
good and after that we did a maths test befor interval.After interval it was time to go down to Tawaranui center when we got down there up on stage was Lexsus,Neko and Dalton they started our day with a hemine and a waiata tautoko neko said the mihi beautifully.all the parents was there i saw my mum there i was so shy i couldnt look at her we were on after 9 or 8 class rooms so we got a lot of time to sing in our head.suddenly it was our turn i was shaking with fear when i  got on the stage there lot of excited faces i calmed and i got on with the show my mum was chering for me.

I enjoyed my self today and I was happy  that my mum and my little brother came, it was sad that my dad couldn’t come because he had to go to stupid work  and I liked room 6 song because me and my family are from matawaia marae  and that’s  my uncle and nan singing the Matawaia song.

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