Monday, 30 November 2015

Madie movie

This is how we make
a cartoon it is called
stop motion it's like animation
sorry for showing my legs in this video my friend Maide has the same one because she was my partner

Friday, 27 November 2015

We will  only say kind
and supportive things

to people so they feel good and our class will work well as a team in our learning environment

Friday, 20 November 2015

our school performence very shy

 It was a Sunshine Thursday the clouds were shaped like my big heart, the sky was blue as the big blue bright sea and the grass looked like my hair waving around in the air.When I looked out my window I jumped out of my bed.I quickly got dressed I didn’t know what to wear so I where’d normal cloths.I Got my bag I made my bed I rushed  out  of my room my “mum said what’s the rush”I said It’s whole school performance  “she said again o.k be careful.I ran out the door I looked at the trees it was like they were talking to me  they were waving at me and it sounded like they said good luck to day Oceayarn.After etap we practised our song it was called e papa with the sticks .We practised and practised until we got 
good and after that we did a maths test befor interval.After interval it was time to go down to Tawaranui center when we got down there up on stage was Lexsus,Neko and Dalton they started our day with a hemine and a waiata tautoko neko said the mihi beautifully.all the parents was there i saw my mum there i was so shy i couldnt look at her we were on after 9 or 8 class rooms so we got a lot of time to sing in our head.suddenly it was our turn i was shaking with fear when i  got on the stage there lot of excited faces i calmed and i got on with the show my mum was chering for me.

I enjoyed my self today and I was happy  that my mum and my little brother came, it was sad that my dad couldn’t come because he had to go to stupid work  and I liked room 6 song because me and my family are from matawaia marae  and that’s  my uncle and nan singing the Matawaia song.

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

This is a French game


  • Escargot is one of the traditional European children’s games from which American hopscotch draws inspiration. Instead of a linear diagram, French children draw the board in the shape of a giant snail, or an "escargot" in French, with 15 to 20 numbered squares leading towards the blank center square. Throughout the game, players must hop on one foot to and from the center square without landing on any drawn lines or opponent’s squares, or they lose a turn and can not claim a box. If they complete the circular journey, however, they get to choose a square to initial as their own exclusive place of rest Instead of throwing pucks or markers. As the game progresses and players claim more territories, the journey to and from the center square becomes more challenging and ends when it is impossible for players to hop to the center square, with the winner claiming the most spaces.
  • When we were playing this game it was hot it was hard,fun,tricky,tiring you should play this game with your friends and family it's a good game to play.

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Room five has some kind words to share with you

Kind words in a coffee cup


Monday, 9 November 2015

How to do high jump......

 First put your pole up get everything ready to do your high jump first ran fast around  a cone but ran around the cone that's best for you the first leg that's closer to the pole is the one you jump over with it when you jump you  have to do the scissors jump like your cutting paper.
Look at the pictures and you will under stand how to do high jump.

Friday, 6 November 2015

How to do shot put.

First you get a ball you put one foot on any line you hold the ball behind you ear put your hand out so you know where you are going to throw it then you twist your body and push don't throw it because  it's not the right way to throw it read the instructions